Disc Taf Toys Touch Mat

  • £55.00

Touch Mat

Treat your baby to an extra-large, soft and thickly padded play space with the Taf Toys Touch Mat! This award-winning play mat is especially designed to stimulate parent-baby interaction with the colourful and loveable patchwork illustrations, whilst high contrast black and white patterns will encourage new-borns to focus and develop visually.

Baby can move from panel to panel to discover the tactile plastic rings, squeaker, baby-safe mirror, hide and seek activities and crinkling parts, whilst experiencing the many different textures.

These fun, engaging activities will enhance baby's fine and gross motor skills and stimulate baby's senses and emotional intelligence. This 150 x 100cm play mat is plenty big enough to accommodate twins or more and features convenient carry handles, for easy transportation when folded. Suitable from birth.

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