Taf Toys 2 in 1 Smart Gym

  • £74.99

2 in 1 Smart Gym

Treat your baby to an extra-large, soft, thickly padded play space with the Taf Toys 2 in 1 Smart gym!

This vibrant play gym has been designed to stimulate baby’s senses with an abundance of textures and gorgeous, colourful illustrations. Baby can explore discover the various intriguing activities, including the tactile plastic rings, crinkling waves, baby-safe mirror and squeaker that are located amongst the vibrant colours and patterns.

Removable fabric arches feature 3 charming detachable toys including a musical bird, jittering cat and chime bell ball, all of which can be removed and played with independently of the arches. A huge 100x150cm, this play gym is plenty big enough to accommodate twins and even triplets!


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