Brik-A-Blok 30 Panel Set Assorted Colours

  • £145.00

Brik-A-Blok 30 Panel Set

The Brik-A-Blok building system is an ingenious, fun-filled developmental tool that gives children the ability to custom build the perfect fort, playhouse, den, castle, tunnel or any other structure they care to imagine. This fabulous construction toy allows children to recreate the world that surrounds them, at their scale. The large, colourful durable panels easily clip together to create giant structures that children can enter and safely play inside, with the special connectors providing stability and strength. The full colour instruction manual provided gives lots of building ideas but children from as young as 5 will quickly and intuitively use the system to create their own designs. With adult help, younger children can also enjoy playing with Brik-A-Blok, crawling and hiding inside structures that they have helped to build. The system is designed so that although children can feel safe and secure inside their den or tunnel, they can always see out and parents can always peek inside. Even large structures are light enough for an adult to lift up and reposition if required. Brik-A-Blok is weather resistant and can be used inside the house or in the garden. Even giant structures can be easily taken apart and stored away. Brik-A-Blok is a safe and strong toy that is designed to withstand the rigours of group play. Playing with Brik-A-Blok stimulates creativity and imagination, develops logical thinking skills and encourages active play and interaction with friends and family. Modular in design, Brik-A-Blok will connect to other sets in the Brik-A-Blok building system. Suitable from 5 years + Assorted Colours

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