Dear Father Christmas

Dear Father Christmas….

It’s the most magical time of the year for families, but if your little ones are too young to write their own letter to Father Christmas, you might be finding it hard to decide what gifts to buy them that you know will still be played with long after you’ve finished eating your leftover turkey.

To help you make your first family Christmas a special one, we’ve put together a gift guide for babies and young children which is made up of toys which will help your children to learn and develop new skills.

Love it or hate it, tummy time is a great way for babies to build muscle strength and motor skills. The Koala Daydream Tummy Time book is a beautifully illustrated, freestanding book which is the perfect companion to entertain your little ones as they enjoy some tummy time. One side of the book features high contrast black and white images for developing eyes and the other is full of bright colours for later developmental stages.

Featuring crinkling parts, multi-sensory textures, baby safe mirrors and a teether, the book is the perfect gift for the youngest children this Christmas and, best of all, it can be easily folded away taking up minimal room in your changing bag or under the pram. Click here to view the Koala Daydream Tummy Time book.

When the bells are ringing out on Christmas day, your little one will be able to join in with their own merry tune by playing with the Savannah Discovery Cube. Safe from birth, this versatile toy features a jingling chime bell to provide stimulation, different textures across the many faces for little hands to explore, a crinkling peek-a-boo flap and leaf for complex sensations and noises and a tactile soother to help keep teething babies happy this Christmas. Find out more about the Savannah Discovery Cube here.

For a festive themed gift that will grow with your child, look no further than the North Pole Ball Drop Stacker. Featuring beautiful illustrations, the Ball Drop Stacker will entertain children of all ages – as well as the grown ups they are playing with. Young babies can develop their upper body muscles and hand control with tummy time games while toddlers can play peek-a-boo and build their own tower to drop the balls from. It’s a toy that’s guaranteed to bring laughter and fun to your home this Christmas. Click here to find out more about the North Pole Ball Drop Stacker.

Children aged 9 months and above will also love the cute Hunny Bunny Stacker. Its three rings feature easy to grab handles, a cute bunny character and a base ring filled with swirling beads. It’s the perfect toy for teaching sorting skills, hand-eye co-ordination, size differentiation and cognitive development. It’s a timeless toy that will engage your children and look perfect in any baby’s nursery. Find out more about the Hunny Bunny Stacker here.

Suitable for children aged 12 months and upwards, the Savannah Sort & Stack will help to develop your child’s problem solving and motor skills. With five ways to play including sorting, stacking and counting, the sturdy cardboard boxes with animal designs and shape sorter lid will be a toy your child plays with time and time again as they learn new skills. Have a look at the classic toddler toy here.

Whichever toys you choose for your children this Christmas, we hope you and your family enjoy added magic of the festive period with your happy, lively little people.

Merry Christmas from everyone at Taf Toys.

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