Toddler Gift Guide

All I want for Christmas is…

After almost two years of cancelled family events and get togethers with friends, this Christmas promises to be an extra special time for anyone with young children. To help you make the most of your time together with loved ones, we’ve put together a special gift list packed full of toys which will get everyone playing and making memories together – whatever their age.

For the youngest members of your family, the Edushape Textured Pop Blocks will provide a fun, creative way to learn shapes, numbers, animals and colours. And for those who love a family challenge, who will be able to create the tallest tower or fit the shapes into the correctly shaped slots the quickest? Find out more about the Textured Pop Blocks here.


The award-winning Kimmy Koala Tummy Time Book will capture your baby’s imagination while helping to strengthen their upper body muscles and develop their co-ordination. The handy teether stored in a cute pocket also means that no matter where you’re travelling over the festive period, you’ll be able to soothe any sore gums on the go. Click here to read more about the Kimmy Koala Tummy Time Book.

No family get together is complete without some musical entertainment and the Baby Band set means every member of your family – no matter how young or old – will be able to join in. Featuring a bestselling Rainboshaker, Baby Maraca, Clip Clap and Cage Bell, there’s no better way to introduce your baby to the wonderful world of music. And when the excitement gets too much, it can easily be packed away in the zip up vinyl carry bag. To find out more about starting your baby’s musical journey, click here.

If your toddler prefers a quieter playtime, the North Pole Ball Drop Stacker is guaranteed to keep them entertained, whether playing alone or with family and friends. With a number of ways to play including peek-a-boo, stacking, tower ball drop and sensory ball play, the Ball Drop Stacker will help to develop fine and gross motor skills, hand-eye coordination and problem solving skills all in a fun way. Click here to find out more about the North Pole Ball Drop Stacker.

Another toy with multiple ways to play and have fun is the Savannah Sort & Stack. Perfect for animal lovers, the beautiful illustrations create a visually appealing toy which develops problem solving and motor skills in children from 12 months. Ways to play include stacking, counting, colour and shape sorting and nesting meaning your child will have hours of fun without realising all the important skills they’re learning. To find out more about the Savannah Sort & Stack, click here.

If you search online for easy to learn xylophone songs, Jingle Bells is one of the most popular results. So, by the time you’re ringing in the New Year, your child could have perfected the tune on the Baby Xylophone they received on Christmas Day!

The Baby Xylophone is a high quality, well tuned and colourful 8 note real musical instrument and its chunky shape and rounded edges ensure it is accessible and safe for even the smallest fingers. And, don’t worry, when you’ve had enough of your child practising Jingle Bells, the Baby Xylophone comes with some colour-coded music sheets to help your child learn a range of fun songs. Find out more about the Baby Xylophone here.


There’s no better way to calm your child down after a stimulating day packed full of noise, people and sugary treats than with a relaxing pre-bedtime bath. The Edushape Magic Creations – Jungle Fun bath toy is the perfect way to convince them to put away some of their noisier Christmas gifts and get ready for a good night’s sleep.

Children will be fascinated as the foam shapes stick like magic to any smooth, flat surface when wet. The colourful animal illustrations will ensure that your child goes to bed dreaming of jungle adventures with giraffes, elephants, zebras and more. To add the Magic Creations – Jungle Fun toy to your child’s bath time, click here.

We hope you enjoy our suggestions of toys that will bring your whole family together for some fun this Christmas. From all of the team at Halilit, we wish you all a magical Christmas.